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Welcome to Celerity LLC. We have over 20 years of expertise in EMR software.

About Us

Substance Abuse & Mental Health EMR Software

Celerity’s mission is to provide industry leading electronic medical records software, tools, and solutions that enable clinicians and service providers to improve and enhance the results of care provided to inpatient, outpatient and residential clients. Through our customized electronic medical record software solutions, we at Celerity continue to make progress towards our main mission: to impact, change and save lives.

Celerity was founded in 2005 by our president, Peter Labaki. Mr. Labaki founded Celerity with the idea in mind that we are partners in the treatment process and not simply just an electronic medical record.

This partnership comes through CAM, Celerity’s electronic medical record (EMR) solution catered exclusively for behavioral health, mental health, and substance abuse treatment providers. As the leading provider of EMR software, Celerity provides tools and solutions that comply with HIPAA, JCAHO, and various state agency regulations. With an integrated billing solution and dedicated billing team, CAM provides all partners with a complete clinical solution.

From the first meeting and interaction of the Client and Clinician, CAM standardizes and simplifies the initial intake process, the client’s electronic medical records, and the progress of a client through the treatment process while providing fully integrated diagnostic and treatment tools. With partners in over half of the US states and 5,000 daily users, CAM by Celerity has proven time and time again to be an industry leader in substance abuse, mental health, and behavioral health EMR software, and a powerful tool for some of the nation’s leading treatment agencies.