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Welcome to Celerity LLC. We have over 20 years of expertise in EMR software.

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Full Billing Services

Celerity’s in-house Billing Experts specialize in Revenue Cycle Management to maximize your cash flow through clean claims submission, proactive and assertive follow-up processes, substantially reduced aging and lowering your expenses. Celerity’s billing team ensures timely payments and a transparent process for your facility’s peace of mind.

New ChartView Interface

Take advantage of our fully customizable substance abuse, mental health, and behavioral health EMR software. New ChartView Interface that allows you to access, Add or Edit any electronic medical record in a client’s chart all in one screen. Move in and out of a client’s full clinical record effortlessly without having to leave the screen or navigate menus.

Service Rule Management

Control service limitations based on pre-installed rules, alerting your staff if services are being scheduled outside of allowable guidelines and preventing claim submission on exceeded services. Our EMR software also ensures IOP services are billed appropriately when the minimum time requirements are met.

About Us

Celerity’s mission is to provide industry leading EMR software, tools, and solutions that enable clinicians and service providers to improve and enhance the results of care provided to inpatient, outpatient and residential clients. Through our customized electronic medical record software solutions, we at Celerity continue to make progress towards our main mission: to impact, change and save lives.

With partners in over half of the US states and 5,000 daily users, CAM by Celerity has proven time and time again to be an industry leader in substance abuse, mental health, and behavioral health EMR software, and a powerful tool for some of the nation’s leading treatment agencies.

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We have over 20 years experience providing expert EMR service.


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Here’s what just some of our clients have said

“Thank you for your help.. The Agency had a fantastic site visit and only had four recommendations total. So proud of our staff and the EMR system. I will be moving forward on this project next week.  The city of Jackson just added some new forms and will forward you to them.”
M. Trost Friedler, CPA
Executive Director, Harbor House of East Jackson, MS
“I have had multiple tickets that have been worked on by Frank. He always makes sure that our issues are resolved in a timely manner and follows up if needed. Frank is always pleasant in our emails. “
“Lynda is always friendly and quick to resolve issues or requests.”
PA Treatment Center User
“I would like to express our gratitude for the exemplary customer service we receive from one of your support staff, Kristen Lloyd. On numerous occasions we have needed to have a problem rectified, and she has responded quickly, effectively and with a very positive attitude.”
Roy V. Tellis CASAC-G, CTC , RC
Program Director, The Safe Foundation
“Kudos to Celerity and your Billing Service team – you have accomplished all that you have promised and more!”
Stefanie Tucker
Director of Operations
Sober Living Outpatient, FL
“I just wanted to let you know that we had our Joint Commission survey last week and our Surveyor was VERY impressed with the Celerity system.”
Naomi L. Ochsendorf, BS, LADC
Program Director
Adolescent Treatment Center of Winnebago
“I know I and my staff have thrown a lot at you all and you rose to the challenge and I am grateful. There was nothing you did not address with us and really is overall a big success.”
Stacey Spata
Clinical Director
YMCA of Long Island

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Celerity’s CAM, our electronic medical record (EMR) designed by Clinicians for Clinicians, is tailored to the specific needs of chemical dependency and mental health treatment providers. We invite you to attend an interactive webcast demonstration featuring CAM, contact us today!

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