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Benefits of Customizable Reporting Using EMR Software

Many currently available EMR software programs offer an array of the most commonly requested reports. However, that may not be sufficient for the way that you operate and fund your facility and care for your patients.

Standard reporting offered by general EMR software may include:

  • Referral Statistics
  • Admission/Discharge Dates
  • Patient Census
  • Employee Caseload
  • Billing Data

For some practices, this may be enough, but the ability to customize reporting to your specific needs can offer significant advantages. By creating custom reports, you can analyze or even combine data in useful and revealing ways to identify areas where your practice could improve.

For example:

  • Do patients referred from a specific agency have a higher than average number of missed appointments?
  • Are specific courses of treatment more effective within your client census than others?
  • Which of your internal practitioners seem to have the lowest rate of patient relapse?

There are limitless options available for customizing the reporting you receive or when you receive it. Set reporting for weekly, monthly or quarterly to analyze trends, detect patterns or address problem areas. Quickly pull up accurate data requested by health agencies or insurance providers.

Choose the Right EMR Program

CAM, Celerity’s EMR program, is a fully customizable electronic medical records software that seamlessly integrates into your business. This web-based EMR software solution allows clinicians and service providers to focus on what matters most—their patients. Your business and your patient population is unique. Why try to fit it into one-size fits all program.

Partner with the EMR Software Experts

If you’re looking for an electronic medical records system that can be customized to your practice, contact the experts at Celerity. We are a leading provider of EMR software for Chemical Dependency, Mental Health and Behavioral Health Treatment facilities. For more information about how the experts at Celerity can help you change patient outcomes and save more lives, contact us today.

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Why Choose a Specialty EMR?

Think all EMR systems are the same? Think again. Electronic medical records software can cover a broad range of specialties from acute care to urology. It’s critical to choose EMR software that takes into account the specific needs of your practice and your clients.

Substance Abuse, Behavioral Health, and Mental Health Practice

These specialties, more so than many others, work within a web of service providers and regulations. You may work with counselors, general practitioners and possibly the legal system. You’ll need to coordinate complex treatment plans, track prescribed medications and of course payables, receivables, appointments, and referrals.

Customization of Standard Systems

Many vendors provide the option of customizing their EMR software to accommodate the specific needs of your practice or facility. However, doing so leaves open the possibility of critical data falling through the cracks if they’re not familiar with substance abuse, behavioral health, or mental health. Data points common to substance abuse treatment, such as screenings, assessments, treatment plans, clinical notes, and psych evaluations are not standard in every specialty. It’s important to work with an EMR software provider who knows your business.

Risk of Using the Wrong EMR System

Electronic medical record (EMR) solutions that don’t cater specifically to behavioral health, mental health, and substance abuse treatment providers carry the risk of noncompliance. While all medical practices and facilities must comply with HIPAA, JCAHO and other state and federal regulations, substance abuse and mental health providers may be subject to additional regulation. Failure to conform to these standards can lead to fines, penalties, and licensure issues. Additionally, many providers in this specialty rely on grants for part of their funding or in partnership with researchers, making accurate record tracking even more vital.

Partner with EMR Software Industry Experts

Are you looking for an EMR software system that is uniquely suited to your practice? Contact the experts at Celerity. We’re a trusted provider of customizable electronic medical records solutions for behavioral health, chemical dependency, and mental health treatment facilities.

For more information about how the experts at Celerity can help you change patient outcomes and save more lives, contact us today.

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Mayo Clinic’s Fountain Centers Chooses CAM as their EMR Solution!

Buffalo, NY (January 20th, 2017) – Celerity LLC, the nation’s fastest growing software provider for chemical dependency and mental health treatment providers, welcomes another partner in Minnesota, Mayo Clinic’s Fountain Centers.  CAM, currently used by over 150 facilities in 32 states with over 5,000 users daily, is an ONC certified, low-cost, highly effective solution designed to reduce the amount of time a clinician spends on paperwork. In turn, CAM creates greater operational efficiencies facility wide.

At Fountain Centers their mission is “to inspire hope and contribute to health and well-being by providing the best care to every patient.”  They are committed to helping individuals and their families who have alcohol and other drug problems; additionally, they promote and integrate the steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous into their therapy services.  All treatment plans are individualized, ensuring that each person’s needs are met to promote healing and recovery with other core components of their treatment emphasizing on the teaching of relapse prevention skills.

At Fountain Centers they offer many programs including but not limited to an adolescent residential program, adult men and adult women residential programs, extended care program, outpatient services, recovery support.  They have a caring and dedicated staff that understand the difficulties young people and their families go through when faced with chemical use issues.  Fountain Centers offers a range of outpatient services with a brief screening available to the individual or family member questioning what step to take next and a comprehensive chemical use assessment is completed to determine the level of care. They also offer an education class called adolescent chemical health education which focuses on prevention and intervention and is available to youth seeking more information on the harmful effects of alcohol, marijuana and nicotine.  Fountain Centers are there to help with multiple programs and services to assist in recovery and that is why their primary value is “the needs of the patient come first.”

Peter Labaki, President of Celerity LLC stated, “We at Celerity are proud to be partners with Mayo clinic’s Fountain Centers and their goal of supporting and strengthening families.  We are extremely grateful to be working with the dedicated team at Mayo Clinic’s Fountain Centers.”

CAM It’s not just an EMR, it’s a solution.

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Recognizing Great Customer Service

“If not for Anthony’s perseverance and integrity, I would not be able to work once the original CAM was phased out.  Anthony re-opened my ticket 2-3 times in the process to ensure I was able to get CAM 2 running proficiently.

Anthony is a picture of what every company strives for in an employee…..  dedicated, helpful, respectful, professional, and honest.

It is my hope that you recognize Anthony for being a perfect model for excellent customer service and support.”

Submitted by Families First of Florida


Anthony’s work is the picture of how we try to work here at Celerity, and is included with your customized electronic medical record  – helpful staff with integrity, character, and the work ethic necessary to make your transition to an electronic record seamless. We value your work and our relationships with you, and this is how we strive to act within every interaction.

CAM (and the Celerity staff!): It’s not just an electronic medical record, it’s a solution.