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Welcome to Celerity LLC. We have over 20 years of expertise in EMR software.

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EMR Billing & Scheduling Software

In addition to the many features and benefits of Celerity’s CAM solution, Celerity provides these solutions in a Cloud Based environment. This means that your organization does not need to invest in additional hardware or personnel to support and manage your customized EMR billing and scheduling software.

Celerity’s CAM is a web-based EMR software solution. That means that we deliver the application directly to your users via an internet connection. This allows your team to focus on what they do best … impact, change, and save lives.

Implementation & Development

Every partner sits with our clinical director and collaborates on an EMR software solution created specifically for your agency. Try our library of over 100 diagnoses, scoring and screening tools and add whichever you like to your already customized electronic medical record at no additional cost.


Live training and customized training videos for reference. Learn the ins and outs of CAM in around 4 hours through live, remote training with the people who created your custom electronic medical record solution.

Live Support

Having a problem? Need a quick answer to your problem navigating through the record?

Just have an additional issue that requires assistance? Our speedy and efficient customer service team will guide you through it and get back on a steady pace to completing your notes.


Is there a state mandated reporting change coming down, and you’re nervous about maintaining compliance? Never fear ever again! We add whatever changes are being made to your EMR system overnight so that your medical record remains compliant the morning those changes go into effect. This is done at no additional cost to you.


We now integrate with a popular e-prescribing module to provide a complete agency solution to those facilities that desire to prescribe electronically.

Billing Services

Let our full staff of experienced medical billers do the work of 5 billers for the price of 1! Our relentless and efficient staff will do the work of an entire staff for you and recover funds you otherwise may have missed, all while saving you time, space, and most of all, money.

State & Federal Agency Certified

Our development and leadership staff is familiar with all state and federal regulations, and our EMR scheduling and billing software is certified and recognized by all states, allowing us to work within any area in the United States and help you maintain compliance.

Lab Interface & Integrated Scheduler

Create your record with a page that integrates with your lab for instant-upload lab results which filter quickly and easily into each client’s individual record. Use of our integrated scheduler starts the billing process for us and allows us to navigate our way through each therapist’s complete schedule, making scheduling new and recurring appointments a matter of a few clicks.